A Beginner's Guide to Texas Holdem Strategies

If you are going to learn how to play poker live, then you must learn to play Texas Hold'em. Before you jump right into casino game, take a moment and study the following tips:

A Beginner's Guide to Texas Holdem Strategies

1. First, before you step into the world of an online Texas Hold'em poker room, decide what you feel comfortable wagering. Never put more money into your online account than you can comfortably afford to lose.

2. Don't ever get into the habit of chasing loses. If you do, you'll inevitably find yourself making bad plays, such as calling or raising when you should fold.

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3. Play small tournaments or ring games before you jump into the larger tournaments. Players with a lot more experience than a beginner will dominate in these games. They read players well and can quickly determine what the best possible hand is.

4. Take notes on other players when you're playing. You will have plenty of time to do this as many players take their time in making proper play decisions. It's smart to take notes on the other players every time you play because you are likely to come across them again in another tournament. Use what you have learned about them, against them.

5. Practice reading the flop, the turn, and the river. Know what the best possible hands are at any given time.

6. Do not play loose poker online. Your bluff will be called.

7. For the most part, while learning to play online Texas Hold'em, play the top ten starting hands, and play a tight game of poker.

8. Avoid playing multiple casino games at a time, your better players don't do it and you shouldn't either.

Above all else, have fun and learn how to play your hands by watching other players in tournament play. If players show their cards at the end of the hand, make quick notes and try to learn their betting patterns.


Baccarat the King of Casino Games

Baccarat the King of Casino Games

It should come as no surprise that online casinos operate with a house advantage, just like their cousins in the real world. This is just the way it goes, whether you are playing in Las Vegas, Macau or online in your PJs. Casino Company’s don´t operate for fun: they are businesses, and they need to make a profit like any other business.

The way they do this is to levy a charge for people to move money and chips around in their casino, just as banks charge to move money around the financial world. If you are playing Texas Hold ´em poker, this is the rake. You´ll be charged a small fee for the dealer to deal you a hand.

A casino will keep a portion of the bets going over its tables for itself. This money does not go into the overall pile that pays the winners: it goes to the casino.

That much is generally understood (although some people choose to not think about it). What I find intriguing, is not that people play roulette or blackjack- it is good fun after all and there are winners as well as losers- it´s that many punters who frequent casinos often play the tables or machines that are the most pricey to play, i.e. that have the biggest house edge.

If you are going to bet, it is advisable to play casino games that give you the best chance of winning, or at least to play games that are weighted to the best casino online payouts.

Now let´s discuss online baccarat, as this will illustrate my point. The Banker Bet in baccarat has a house edge of just 1.1%. American Roulette comes in at a less than satisfactory 5.3% and if you play keno you´ll be paying a 25% "casino tax".

You´ll get very good odds if you play blackjack online IF you play a perfect blackjack game (by that I mean you stand at the optimum time to give yourself the best odds). Baccarat is a beautifully simple game, on the other hand- so it is easy to play to a perfect strategy.

This is one of the key drivers behind the popularity of Baccarat, especially when it comes down to high stakes players and high rollers, as this game has one of the lowest house advantages in the casino. Often you will see baccarat tables in Vegas and Macau sectioned off from the general public. That´s because the baccarat tables are where the big money and glamour are. And it´s a similar story if you play online baccarat.

But you don´t need to be rich and famous to have a go. Play online casino and there are no velvet cords stopping you from getting to the tables. The best baccarat bet is the Banker Bet as the house only takes 1.17%, while the house edge for a player bet is slightly more, but still an acceptable 1.35%. Don't play the tie bet. Although the payout is tempting at8:1, compared to 2:1, the house edge is punitive at 14%.

So why is roulette more popular than Baccarat? I don´t know. It beats me. I put it down to the film industry, but even that puzzles me as baccarat has its fair share of film scenes and James Bond moments.


Beginners Guide to Slots - Play Online Slot

Beginners Guide to Slots - Play Online Slot

The slot machines consists of a cabinet that houses all of its parts. The player watches the reels as they spin. As the reels stop spinning, one by one, the patterns of symbols appears. If the pattern matches a pattern on the payout display, the player wins and the winning coins come tumbling out in the payout tray. If not he puts in another coin, pulls the handle or hits the Play button, and tries again.

The reels have Mylar-like strips around them that have symbols on them. The greater the number of symbols on the strip, the less the players chance of winning. Each reel has certain places where it will stop. These places are called Steps or Stops. The modern computerized machine has 128 Stops and 2,097,152 possible outcomes, with each reel’s stop being determined by a Random Number Generator.

There is no way to predict the outcome of a slot pull. The computerized chip in the machine is called the Payout Percentage Chip. This chip is programmed to determine the payout percentage over the life of the machine. If the slot has a 95% Payout Percentage this means that the house has 5% of every dollar that is played over the long-run.

The Service Light or Candle in on top of the machine. The player pushes the Change button to activate this light and a member of the casino staff will appear. The player uses this button when he needs change, has a questions, wants a drink, etc. This light will begin to flash automatically when the machine has a technical problem or if there is a winner. Never walk away from a machine that has a winner on it or you can’t prove it is your winner. Always wait for a member of the staff to come with the payout.

When the slots player looks at the reels in front of him, he sees the Payout Line. This is the line where the symbols must line up. The number of payout lines depends on the game. Some games have one payout line, some have three, some have nine. These will be marked on the glass over the reels. These lines show the combination of symbols that have resulted from the pull, using either the slot machine handle or the Play button.

The machine will have the Payout Display on it. This will either be on the Top Glass or the Belly Glass. The top glass is the square or rounded glass below the service light and above the slot reels. The belly glass is below the reels and above the payout tray. The payout display shows all of the winning combination of symbols and the amount of the payout. If the machine is a multi-coin machine, it will show the payout amount for each coin played.

You can play the machine by putting a coin in the Coin Entry and then pulling the slot handle or pushing the play button. If you don’t want to enter a coin every time, you can deposit $10 or $20 or whatever amount you want through the Bill Acceptor, and play off the credits. The machine will have a Total Credits on the display showing you the total amount of credits you have. When you bet, there will be a Credits Played display that shows you the number of coins you have bet on the pull. If you decide to quit playing, you push the Cash Out button and the number of coins showing in the Total Credits display will empty into the coin tray.

Before each play there will be an Insert Coin light. You must insert one or more coins into the coin entry before you can play the machine. If you have credits on the machine you can Play One Coin for the appropriate number of coins you wish to play or you can push Max Bet. If you are playing a three coin machine, this will automatically bet the three coins.

If you win on the play, the number of coins won will show in the Winner Paid display. If an Error Code appears anywhere on the display this means you need the assistance of the casino staff because the machine has malfunctioned. The service candle should flash automatically. If it doesn’t, push the Change button and a staff member will come.

Make sure you play the appropriate coin that the machine requires. When you deposit a coin in the coin entry, the coin goes to the Coin Comparator. This piece of equipment compares the deposited coin with the coin required by the machine

For example, if you are playing a quarter machines, there is an U.S. quarter in the coin comparator that every deposited coin is compared with. If it doesn’t match, the machine won’t play. The same is true for tokens. This is why you can’t take tokens from casino to casino to play the bonus slots.